2A Training Group


If you want professional defensive firearms training look no further than 2ATG. From concealed carry tactics, to long range precision rifle, to NRA safety classes. You'll learn new skills at your pace. 

Our training comes from military, law enforcement, and some of the nation's premier tactical instructors. So you can be sure you're learning tried and true skills, not something we found on YouTube.

2A Training Group offers more than just firearms training. Below you will find Kingdom Shield and Greyman Strategies as well. This melding together of ideas is our way of preparing you to dominate your world. 

Kingdom Shield

We specialize in the design, training, and implementation of safety and security teams for churches and faith based organizations. We have worked with tiny rural churches, midsize suburban churches, and large multi-site mega churches. We offer site assessments, communications, policy/procedure, verbal judo, threat detection, tactical training and so much more. Our goal is your goal - keep God's people safe. Period.

Email us for more information on how to get started.

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Greyman Strategies

In the simplest terms, the "greyman theory" is about moving through your world unnoticed. 

We teach all manner of fieldcraft skills in order to help you blend in, overcome, adapt, and survive. Be it an urban environment, dense forest, or high mountains, we will teach you how to prevail. 

Offering private lessons and custom classes for small groups.  Let us help you feel better prepared for that worst case scenario.